I have to admit … I find something cute about Delphine’s mismatched bra and panties. There’s something artless about it, in contrast to the manner in which Delphine clearly dolled herself up to pay Leekie a visit.

With Leekie, there’s such an emphasis on effort, that Delphine took the time to do her hair, her makeup, accessorize (a single gold bracelet, a clutch purse), and choose a killer dress. (And either didn’t bother with a coat or left it in the lobby like, “Yo, hold this for me. I’ll be back in an hour.”) It’s hard to imagine she would not have paid as much thought to lingerie (well, panties, there’s no bra in that getup) as to the rest of the ensemble. Even the way Delphine steps into the hotel room is like “Delivery! Me! Here I am!”

The outfit choice for her visit to Cosima is vastly different. (Though there was an outfit change between the time Delphine speaks to Leekie in pants and the moment Delphine shows up at Cosima’s in a skirt.) Whereas the cocktail dress she chose for Leekie exposes skin—bare arms, plunging V-neckline, exposed back, legs for forever thanks to high heels—the outfit she wears to see Cosima does the exact opposite: covers and conceals. Long sleeves, high boots, high collar, no shinies, no sparklies, no sequins. She enters Cosima’s space bundled up and hesitant, seeking permission to be there.

(Another great contrast: Leekie invites himself to Delphine’s body, coming up behind her and laying his hands on her. Cosima puts distance between herself and Delphine almost immediately after letting Delphine in [whereas Delphine let herself into Leekie’s hotel room, having been given a key] and then is the one to belatedly close the gap to offer to take Delphine’s coat after Delphine herself has begun to unbutton it, never actually touching Delphine in the process. The Delphine-Leekie and Delphine-Cosima scenes basically play out along complete opposite scripts.)

But for all that there was an outfit change, perhaps in consideration that a seduction might take place, Delphine … didn’t wear matching underwear. XDDD And it’s almost like she didn’t consider that anyone would be seeing her underwear, even Cosima. It’s a little touch that tickles me. Because Delphine really is a gorgeous woman and then undress her and, hee!, mismatched lingerie! (It’s kind of adorable. Sorry.)

Like Delphine really is that ill-equipped of a spy that she’s never quite thinking the entire ploy through to the end. And yet that’s exactly why I like it. Because the artlessness of it can make one hope that this is a peek at the genuine woman beneath all the artifice, that that woman is a simple(r) (“regular” is not quite the word I want, nor “normal” but something in that spectrum) woman who wears mismatched underwear and maybe didn’t think about taking another woman to bed purely for ulterior spy motives. Because the Leekie getup proves that Delphine can put herself together—but she didn’t take that tact with Cosima.

Or that even if she was going to play a game of seduction, that Delphine felt something about Cosima that told her that Cosima didn’t need the “dress to the nines” seduction treatment. That that something would be perfectly fine with, maybe even more attracted to, a simple (“honest”?) presentation such as what we saw… . Though I’m not sure if that would make considering the circumstances that Delphine and Cosima are in—or the weird triangulation of Leekie-Delphine-Cosima—better or worse.